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The OpenMicroBio Project

This project is devoted to the development of High-End modeling strategies to describe the Saccharomyces colony dynamics based on individual cell models (ICM), using complex systems approaches. It is a software framework to simulate bioprocess engineering from the microscale to the macroscale levels, enabling to simulate biotechnological processes with great detail. The software framework is to be designed to simulate both colony dynamics under several scenarios, such as, production inside bio-reactors and growth in fermented foods, where the colony is highly affected by external factors such as fluid dynamics, chemical and biochemical reactions, nutrient diffusion and electromagnetic fields.

Open Source BioInformatics

The large computational power necessary and model complexity, requires to use the latest legacy computational technology, both hardware and software; as well as programming and system development technologies, such as the use of GPU workstations and GRID computing. The project is Open Source! We hope to colaborate with you soon.

OpenMicroBio Microscale Apparatus

The project uses also the latest legacy technology in experimental apparatus. Experiments will comprise the use of batch/continuous bio-reactors, filming cellular growth and interactions at the microscope, using spectroscopy for determining nutrient diffusion and chemical/biochemical reactions. Furthermore, this project will use the latest developments in technometry for data analysis, in order to interpret and develop the individual cell models and ’emergent’ microscale-to-macroscale cellular automata models.

People Involved

The project will involve highly qualified theoretical programmers and systems engineers, as well as experimental scientists; all from CEB-UM (Centre of Biological Engineering – University of Minho) and LaSEEB-ISR (Laboratory of Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Lab – Institute of Systems and Robotics, Lisbon).